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Look more polished, feel more confident, save valuable time, look naturally beautiful anytime anywhere. All prices include consultation, custom design & colour; the treatment itself and one touch up appointment. Appointments are an hour and a half to three hours. Consultations only, 45 minutes.


Eye Brows
feather like strokes to mimic natural hair, for a natural effect

Tone on Tone
2 shades for an even more realistic look.
Performed during the touch up appointment



Top Pair
Bottom Pair
Basic Liner
One line for a natural dark lash line look (3/4 of the eyeliner)

$220 $220
Solid Liner
A bold stronger line, full length of eyeliner

$250 $250
Gradual A Liner
Double line without a tip

$280 $230
Gradual B Liner
Double line with a tip

$300 N/A
Gradual C Liner
Triple line without a tip

$325 $325
Gradual D Liner
Triple line with a tip

$350 N/A



Lip Liner Only

Natural healthy pink lips


Lipstick effect

Each extra session to darken full lips within 12 months

Please note that darker complexions usually require multiple sessions

Beauty Marks $50 - $150






Is a specialized service that requires an abundant amount of work and accuracy. The price is usually that of the area to be corrected plus $100 per hour i.e.: Brows $480 + $100= $580. For other areas of the face or body not listed on this page, the price is $150 (set up) + $65 per hour (procedure time)


Your free touch-up appointment can be done no earlier than 4 weeks after treatment and no later than 90 days post treatment.

If changing shade or original design at the time of your free touch-up appointment there will be a charge of $100.

An extra touch up session within 12 months is $100

For a touch up after 12 months of treatment, you are entitled to receive $100 off of brows and lips and $50 off of eye liner when having it done within four (4) years of the original appointment. After that full price will be charged.

Touch up with myself who has not done the original treatment – $50 off brows and lips and $25 off of eye liner.

Consultation is absolutely free however, I do request a $50 non-refundable deposit when scheduling your treatment appointment. This deposit will then go towards your treatment and guarantees you a time that is especially for you.

Our Time is precious and valuable

A minimum 48 hour cancellation notice is required for respect and courtesy for all. If not done so you will forfeit your deposit of $50. Having sufficient notice means an opportunity has opened up for another client who perhaps has been on our waiting list. I understand that unexpected events arise and exceptions can be made, but please try to remember that others are being affected unnecessarily. Plus the best thing of all is you won't loose out on your deposit! So please call if you are unable to make your appointment.

Thank you so much for taking your time and interest.

I hope that I have answered all of you questions and put you at ease.

Thank You,

Natural Permanence
The Best Self-Investment you'll make!