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I have been a Professional Aesthetician for over 20 Years, and I am also a Certified Permanent Makeup Artist, personally trained (over 5 years ago) by the master in permanent makeup artist, Dr. Blanca Vanier.

For years in my aesthetic career I've dealt with ladies that have hardly any brows, and I have always wanted to do more for them than just simple shaping or tinting (most of us know this is not very effective especially if you hardly have brows or they are to light in colour). I myself happen to be one of these ladies. I had no eyebrows! Hearing so much about Dr. Vanier and how terrific she is at permanent make-up, I finally had enough of drawing mine on especially once my children came along. Who has time! I must say this is truly the best self-investment I've made. I didn't realize how liberating it would really be. To wake up with perfect brows and never having to worry about them rubbing off, and the time you save in the morning. It truly is amazing!

Now of course I've moved onto having my lips lined and eyeliner applied and life couldn't be easier. Literally having the confidence to walk out the door without a stitch of make up on was nonexistent, however since I have had my permanent make-up done it is definitely not an issue any longer. This can so easily happen for you.

Once I found out that Dr. Vanier was taking students I of course was one of the first to sign up. To learn a new craft as an extension of my aesthetics, to provide such a great life-altering service to many of my clients, just gave me more personal and professional satisfaction knowing I can do more for them and you.

My goal is to work with you to come up with a custom design and colour that will compliment you best and to help you feel your best, feel more confident, and to wake up looking like that natural beauty that you truly are. I want the permanent make-up to look natural not made up. I believe in enhancing the features you already have!

Look Naturally beautiful anytime and anywhere!

The Best Self Investment you'll make!